IHT-200 Ventilator

With our own fast innovation methodology, our Biomedical Engineering division was born.

With COVID-19 pandemic knocking on our door, we put our engineering team at the service of life and created the IHT-200, a smart mechanical ventilation system so the world does not stop breathing.

We present our first prototype, for use in critical care context, which works in Controlled, Assist-Controlled and spontaneous mode for invasive or non invasive ventilation.


IHT-200 assists the patient who cannot breathe on his own and has a very short inspiration effort detection time for the assit and spontaneous modes.



Smart mechanical ventilation system. Controlled, Assist-Controlled and spontaneous ventilation modes

Indications of use

For critically ill patients requiring endotracheal intubation or noninvasive ventilatory support


For use within healthcare institutions - Not a vehicle transport ventilator

Clinical indications

Acute hypercapnic and hypoxemic respiratory failure, treatment of atelactasias, deep sedation, CNS depression.


IHT-200 Ventilator

+ Flexible breathing circuit that drives the ventilation gas through a piston, with the help of a controlled Servo motor.


+ Controlled by pressure and by volume, through controlled, assist-controlled, or spontaneous modes, with an automatic measurement and control system, for continuous, fast and reliable readings.


+ Specialized measurement sensors for FIO2, Pressure and Flow allow our ventilator to provide the user with highly precise data for patient management.


+ Intuitive and easy-to-use manual controls. Gas supply adjustment, in case of difference between actual measured and preset value


+ 10’’ TouchScreen screen for a comfortable and fluid interaction between the user and the system. Configurable alarm panel for permanent and strict patient monitoring


+ System assembled on a support trolley to facilitate transportation only within the medical institution. It has a UPS and backup battery with autonomy of 30 minutes

Equipment Specifications

Download Datasheet 



Download the IHT-200 Ventilator Prototype Range, Accuracy and Precision Guide.

IHT Ventilator


Visit our Youtube page to see the explanation of the configuration and operation of the IHT-200 Ventilator.



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The device has demonstrated superior performance in:

+ In-vitro accuracy test, validated by Mebi, Biomedical Metrology.

+ Electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility tests, validated by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.

+ In-vivo testing validated by the Veterinary Ethics Committee of CES University

+ Acoustic tests, validated at Phonon

+ Alarms operation test and battery autonomy, by Ion Heat.

+ Review of civil liability policies necessary for tests with humans.

With the support of Clinlogix, the first prototype of the IHT-200 ventilator is currently in the approval phase of protocols for human tests at INVIMA

If you are interested in purchasing the first units, contact us

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