IHT-200 Ventilator

With our own fast innovation methodology, our Biomedical Engineering division was born.

With COVID-19 pandemic knocking on our door, we put our engineering team at the service of life and created the IHT-200, a smart mechanical ventilation system so the world does not stop breathing.

We present our second prototype, for use in critical care context, which works in Controlled, Assist-Controlled and spontaneous mode for invasive or non invasive ventilation.


IHT-200 assists the patient who cannot breathe on his own and has a very short inspiration effort detection time for the assit and spontaneous modes.


Smart mechanical ventilation system for use within healthcare institutions. Pressure and Volume controlled ventilation, through Assisted, Controlled and Spontaneous modes.



Life support device, indicated for critically ill adult patients who require ventilatory support. Therefore, it is exclusively for clinical use and cannot be used as a transport ventilator.

Clinical indications


Acute hypercapnic and hypoxemic respiratory failure, treatment of atelectasis, deep sedation, reduction of myocardial oxygen consumption and CNS depression.


Flexible breathing circuit that drives the ventilation gas through a piston, with the help of a controlled Servo motor.


Automatic measurement and control system, for fast and reliable readings:

+ P-CMV * < Continuous mandatory pressure ventilation mode

+ V-CMV * < Continuous Mandatory Volume Ventilation Mode

+ CSV < Continuous spontaneous mode. This mode offers the possibility of programming pressure support and / or simple CPAP. It can be invasive or non-invasive, through a mask.


+ High-tech sensors for measuring FIO2, the PEEP value, which allow reliability of the measurement for the user and their decision-making for the patient.


+ PC < Control pressure

+ PIP < Peak inspiration pressure

+ PM < Plateau pressure

+ APRV < Airway pressure reléase ventilation

+ PEEP < Positive end-expiratory pressure

+ VT < Tidal volume

+ MV < Minute volume

+ RR < Respiratory rate

+ I: E < Time relationship between inspiration / expiration

+ DE < Static compliance

+ TI < Inspiratory time

+ Kgpp < Kilograms of predicted weight

+ VT / kgpp < predicted tidal volume by weight


+ Easy coupling of the ventilator to the respiratory rate, through the sensitivity of the trigger.

+ Compatibility with oxygen supply connections (conventional and wall cylinders) and universal patient circuits.


+ 10.1’’ touch screen for intuitive use. Configurable parameter panel for strict monitoring of the patient.

Backup battery

+  It has a UPS and backup battery with autonomy of 30 minutes

Equipment Specifications

Download Datasheet 



Download the IHT-200 Ventilator Prototype Range, Accuracy and Precision Guide.

IHT Ventilator


Visit our Youtube page to see the explanation of the configuration and operation of the IHT-200 Ventilator.



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The device has demonstrated superior performance in:

+ In-vitro accuracy test, validated by Mebi, Biomedical Metrology.

+ Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests, validated by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the Universidad de los Andes

+ In-vivo testing validated by the Veterinary Ethics Committee of CES University

+ Acoustic tests, validated at Phonon

+ Alarms operation test and battery autonomy, by Ion Heat.

+ Review of civil liability policies necessary for tests with humans.

With the support of Clinlogix, the first and second prototypes of the IHT-200 ventilator is currently in the approval phase of protocols for human tests at INVIMA

If you are interested in purchasing the first units, contact us

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