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Plasma nitriding furnace inside


Compact furnace system for standardized processes and repeatibility of results.


NitrEos is an all-new compact and light weighted single furnace design. In order to create it, IonHeat reinvented a classic model.

We simplified our GlowTech system and refined it even further to introduce an off the shelve solution into the market without detriment of the exceptional ion nitriding technology that characterizes our products. Precision and simplicity best describe our NitrEos plants.

Technical specifications

Optional Features


+ Extra Power supply

Extra power supplies are always good when the customer has a high surface area which needs a lot of plasma power. Up to 4 plasma power supplies can be factory or customer added in parallel to the ones that come as standard in the equipment.


+ Extra Gases

Argon and Methane Mass Flow Controllers can be added as needed for processing of stainless steel and/or Ferritic nitrocarburizing. This feature is only available factory added.


+ Post Oxidation

Our NitrEos system can be upgraded with standard post oxidation capabilities. The Post-Oxidation process provides a nice black corrosion protective finish to the nitrided parts.


+ Top Camera-Viewport

As the GlowTech units, our NitrEos systems can be improved with a top viewport which includes a digital camera for monitoring the plasma process from the control software interface. Pictures can be captured to be added to customer reports. This feature can only be factory added.

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