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Plasma Nitriding Systems

We are Ionheat

We offer Plasma Nitriding Systems & Engineering Solutions

We are a young innovative company that designs, manufactures, and commercializes Plasma Nitriding Systems of high technological standard.

Our specialty in thermal equipment and vacuum furnaces makes us your ideal partner in the thermal processing field, providing you modern, flexible, and high quality solutions at a competitive cost.

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Our Products

Plasma Nitriding Systems

We offer 3 different Plasma Nitriding Systems for you

Efficient, environmentally friendly and tailored to your needs, with the latest software technology for perfect process control and traceability.

Our Services

Engineering & Manufacturing services

We offer 3 different Plasma Nitriding Systems for you

We provide support in any stage and throughout the product development chain.

Our dedicated team that creates our Plasma Nitriding Systems

About us

We are IonHeat

What made us who we are and
where we are heading

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