Plasma Nitriding Systems

We offer 3 different Plasma Nitriding Solutions tailored to your needs.



  • Bearings, gears, shafts, precision screws y sliding components.

  • Energy generation components and synchronizing rings.

  • High efficiency engines, engine valves and valve seats.

  • Dynamic hydraulic and pneumatic elements.

  • Stamping and pressing dies.

  • Cutting tools.

  • Injection molds.

  • Forging tools.

  • Aircraft components.

GlowTech ION HEAT Plasma nitriding furnace



NADCAP compliant and modular expandable system

NitrEos ION HEAT Plasma nitriding furnace



Stand alone standard solution for machinery components applications

GlowFit ION HEAT Furnace Retrofit




Retrofitting kit for old plasma nitriding units

ION HEAT Furnace control

Furnace Features

Offer a high-tech environmentally
friendly process which uses plasma as a source of energy for chemically
modifying the surface of parts made of steel, nickel alloys or titanium by difusing Nitrogen, or Nitrogen + Carbon into the surface 

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+ Surface hardness

+ Wear resistance

+ Corrosion resistance

+ Fatigue resistance


- Fatigue failure




Premature failure


Conventional heat
treatment distortions

Extra griding operations

Extra manufacturing costs

ION HEAT Furnace control

Advanced process Engineering

Due to its capabilities of sputter cleaning the parts to be nitrided, and the repeatability of the process based on advanced control engineering, ion/plasma technology offers the best results of all nitriding processes.

Our GlowTech and NitrEos systems, offer cutting edge plasma nitriding technology including the following characteristics.


+ Hot-Wall

The hot-wall systems yield better process control through perfect temperature uniformity. This type of system allows higher flexibility of the loads to be processed since different masses and surface areas among parts in the same load are possible. The system is equipped with independent heating and cooling zones to guarantee the highest temperature uniformity.


+ Small footprint

Our system´s design, occupies a smaller footprint than many others in the market. A single rotating (Glow-Tech), or lifting (NitrEos) column, lifts and/or rotates vessels as needed for loading/unloading operation.


+ Bipolar Pulsed Plasma

The right power electronics were developed in order to be able to manufacture a power supply with the highest standards. DC over current protection, ultra-fast arc detection system and frequency and duty cycle flexibility allows for perfect and repeatable results.


+ Complementary Nitriding Treatments

GlowTech systems can perform any nitriding related treatment, be it nitrocarburizing, white layer control, or post oxidation, necessary to meet the high and vast demands on parts and tools of today´s industry.


+ Advanced and user-friendly control software

Our unique interface offers the customer easy recipe creation, storage and recalls for easy and consistent operation. It also offers a very robust data logging system to retrieve any process information required by customers and/or certification institutions.


+ Equipment tailored to your needs

Our bell type plants are available in different dimensions, and can be adapted to customer demands. New designs provide the option of placing the furnace on the floor or to have it built in a pit, such that loading of the system occurs at ground level, the latter being a good option in case height of the installation site is a limiting factor.


+ Plug and play installation system

Our plants are equipped with an efficient plug and play system, allowing for an easy and highly cost effective installation.

ION HEAT Control Software

Control Software

A common brain for all solutions.


Our control software includes a 19” screen, a user-friendly interface, and data logging of all production variables. The software package includes a module for inserting lab results from each production order for perfect traceability and combined customer reports.