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Heat treatments or thermochemical treatments - which path to take?

Updated: Feb 24

Heat treatments vs Termochemical treatments Infographic
Heat treatments vs Termochemical treatments.

We're rolling out a series of infographics that demystify the basics of Plasma Nitriding.

Kicking things off, we think it's only fair to clear the air about the difference between heat treatments and thermochemical treatments.

What are the three key takeaways?

  1. Plasma Nitriding is a THERMOCHEMICAL PROCESS involving the diffusion of nitrogen atoms into the surface of the part being treated.

  2. To put it simply, it aims for the creation of a white layer + diffusion zone.

  3. Since this process does not involve a phase transformation, dimensional changes are virtually nonexistent.

Download PDF • 238KB

This infographic is available in Spanish on our commercial heat treat partner's website: TRATAR.


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