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What is Plasma?

Plasma nitriding fundamentals infographic
What is plasma

When we talk about plasma nitriding, what's the deal with that fancy term? Plasma is just the fourth state of matter, coming right after the well-known solid, liquid, and gas.

In plasma nitriding, nitrogen gas is heated up to the right temp for ionization and zapped with an electric field. This juices up the electrons so much that they break free from the atom's core, creating positive ions and free electrons, or in other words, it gets 'ionized' and turns into plasma.

The ionized atoms, now with electrical conductivity, gain kinetic energy and emit a purple light, a hallmark of plasmas. They're then fast-tracked towards the piece being treated, penetrating the surface of its metallic structure. This alters the material's surface properties, enhancing its hardness and wear resistance.

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This infographic is available in Spanish on our heat treatment partner's website: TRATAR. 


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