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ION HEAT Electrical cabinet


A new heart to modernize your old furnace.


Those pioneer Ion nitriders from the past century can still plasma nitride your parts like a champ. Introducing our Retrofitting kit will allow customers to upgrade existing plants with new controls, gas panels, top of the line plasma power supplies and our unique SCADA man/machine software.

GlowFit units can be used for existing cold-wall or hot-wall units.

+ Advanced and precise atmosphere control

+ Production control software

+ Bipolar pulsed plasma power supplies

Technical specifications


+ Plasma power supplies

From 1 power supply module with 40kW plasma power and up to 4 units in parallel for a total of 160kW total plasma power the customer can choose or grow their system as needed.


+ Gas panel

Wether NADCAP is, or is not a must for the customer, the gas panel can be configured accordingly. Argon and Methane MFC´s can also be added as needed. Everything is controlled from our central control software.


+ Electrical cabinet

Our electrical cabinet can be set so that a cold wall system, as well as a hot wall system can be retrofitted. Fast configurations are possible.


+ Control software

Our unique control software is always included with our GlowFit units.

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