GlowTech Plasma Nitriding furnace


Focused on innovation

We generate technology with added value

Our expertise in high thermal processing motivated us to create ION HEAT, an innovative company specialized in ion/plasma nitriding equipment manufacturing.

Empowering high-performance technology design with environmentally responsible solutions and competitive costs, we quickly managed to position ourselves as a strategic partner in the thermal processing field.

We have a work methodology based on 'Thinking + doing + improving + producing' that has led us to achieve milestones: Developing some of the most interesting ion nitriding solutions on the world market, and participating in disruptive projects in the additive manufacturing industry.

In March 2020, with COVID-19 pandemic knocking on our doors, we accepted the challenge of creating mechanical ventilators that are intuitive enough for healthcare personnel and strictly precise to assist patients in their recovery process. This is how our Biomedical Engineering line was born, an initiative with which we hope to help the world never stop breathing.

These are our values:


Since we are always honest with ourselves and others, we establish long-lasting relationships.


By appreciating diversity and valuing different thinking, we can build opportunities for a common better future.


By being responsible with our workers, with our customers and society, we can truly improve our community.


Because in us, customers will always find a team willing to offer specific innovative solutions for their business development.


Knowledge and experience allow us to guarantee our customers that everything will work out as expected.


We have the certainty of telling our customers that we are going to be there at the moment they need us, regardless of the situation.

Our Story

2010 < At TRATAR, an award winning commercial heat treater, recognized for its dedication to quality, service and its innovative mentality, we installed our first NitrEos plasma nitriding equipment prototype. This furnace is still in daily use.

2012 < We were born as a spin-off from TRATAR.

2014 < Our first international sale. From that moment, we have expanded our sales network in the US, Europe and Asia.

2016 < We won the tender to manufacture parts of the vacuum sintering furnaces with which DESKTOP METAL revolutionized the additive manufacturing industry. This experience prompted us to create the Contract Manufacturing service.

2018 < We combine capabilities with our parent company TRATAR to integrate the entire production chain and offer
360° services for Industry 4.0 + IoT.

2020 < In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we created our Biomedical Line. Currently, our first devices have already gone through first in human trials and are on their way to get their regulatory approval.


Plasma furnace render
Roberto Bernal ION HEAT Chairman

"My task is to bring to the table discipline and business and life experience to this beautiful company"

Roberto Bernal