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Contract Manufacturing



Wide range of Engineering and Manufacturing services: Innovation, experience and high quality services. We provide support in any stage and throughout the product development chain

Explore our Portfolio of  360° Services for subcontracting the development / manufacture of spare parts or white label.

ION HEAT engineering


Design & Engineering

ION HEAT Engineering services

We are an ideal ally for outsourcing engineering processes. Our adaptable engineering and design team is ready to put their abilities and talent into your ideas to make them come to life

From concept and mechanical design, to electrical engineering, control and automation

Mechanical Design

+ Concept engineering

+ 3D modeling in Solid Works®.

+ Finite elements simulations of static structural mechanics

+ Vibration and transient analysis.

+ Simulation of stationary and transient flows

+ Conjugated heat transfer (fluid to solid) and radiation simulations.

+ Manufacturing drawings and instructions.


Control and Automation Engineering

+ CAD drawings and electrical design of cabinets.

+ Automation systems design.

+ Development of PLC software

+ SCADA design and user interface

+ Field System diagnosis.

+ Design and implementation of intelligent machines.

+ Process control consultation.


Manufacturing & Production

ION HEAT Manufacturing and Production

A wide range of tangible solutions for different industry needs: material selection, production process, mechanical parts manufacturing, heat treatment and finishing processes.

We provide support and produce industrial parts with precision finishes to make your production results efficient and profitable

+ Manufacturing and welding

+ Machining

+ Castings

+ Mechanical assembly of final products

+ Manufacturing of mechatronic solutions

+ Manufacturing of Automated Machines


Heat Treatment

ION HEAT Heat Treatment

Our three plants with vacuum furnaces, controlled atmosphere and state-of-the-art plasma nitriding systems, ensure strict control of all parameters involved in the process.

All kinds of heat treatment services for a wide variety of steel grades and non-ferrous metals. Go to TRATAR

Heat treatment

+ Hardening

+ Annealing

+ Normalizing

+ Stress reliever

Thermochemical processes

+ Carburizing

+ Carbonitriding

+ Nitriding

+ Nitrocarburizing



ION HEAT Assembly

With our free trade zone plant based in Rionegro, we offer smart logistics solutions that translate into adaptability, flexibility and time efficiency for assembling your product

Proven experts in designing and implementing productive assembly lines to achieve high quality and effective deliveries

Efficient Processes - Mechanical Assembly

+ Our qualified workers and engineers are ready to build the most efficient assembly process for your requirements

Wiring, assembly and electrical tests

+ We assemble and test electrical panels, complemented with I/O tests, software programming and verification functionalities.

Flexible Assembly Lines

+ We adapt to your needs with multiple logistic options to accomplish your ideal deliveries



ION HEAT 3D scanner service

A specialized metallurgical laboratory and specialized tooling like 3D scanners, plus a digital factory quality assurance system, allow us to perform flawless quality assurance of your products.

Research, development and part testing for quality assurance and process tuning

+ Scanning system and 3D mechanical modeling

+ Helium leak detection for pressure or vacuum vessels

+ Non-destructive tests in welds

+ Rockwell and Micro Hardness testing

+ Metallographic laboratory

+ Chemical composition analysis

+ Salt spray chamber under ASTM B-117

+ Design and implementation of inspection stations through artificial vision

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