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What is the best Nitriding method?

What is the best Nitriding method - Infographic
What is the best Nitriding method?

The go-to methods for infusing nitrogen into metal surfaces are gas nitriding, cyanide salt baths, and plasma nitriding.

While plasma nitriding offers unique advantages in terms of precision, control, and surface treatment quality, there's still a bit of resistance among traditional thermal treaters to adopting this newer tech.

Some reasons for this hesitation include: a comfort level with the traditional methods that have been around forever, the significant upfront cost of plasma nitriding equipment, and the mistaken belief that it's a complex process to implement.

It's like a standoff between supporters and critics of each technology, with no clear winners or losers. That's why, before making a decision, it's wise and responsible to get a full picture of their advantages and disadvantages.

Just to be clear, each method has its merits and ideal applications. This infographic sketches out a comparison.

Download PDF • 1.57MB

This infographic is available in Spanish on our heat treatment partner's website: TRATAR. 


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