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A common brain for all solutions.


Our control software includes a 19” touch screen, a user-friendly interface and data logging of all production variables. As an option, our systems includes a module for inserting lab results from each production order for perfect traceability and combined customer reports.

Information that can be inserted:

+ Location of the test coupon inside the vessel. 24 possibilities by simply clicking on a preset diagram.

+ Micro hardness profiles.

+ Micrographs

+ Surface hardness in HRc and HR15N



Different users and security levels, configurable by the customer.


Centralized control for different furnaces and portability so from your phone or tablet you can monitor what’s happening with your nitriding processes.


Recipe module, for creating and managing recipes as well as their modifications. The system has a friendly recipe creation wizard which allows the user to easily create them by typing only the right parameter on each step (time, temperature, atmosphere composition, plasma power supply voltage, current, pulses etc). Recipes are stored to run them over and over again for a given product allowing the process to yield the same results every time.


Production Orders Module allows linking a specific production order to already existing commercial documents like work orders etc.


Pictures of the load, taken by the mobile app, or pictures taken by the cameras of the system can also be linked to production orders for creating great customer’s reports.


Lab Report Module allows the user to introduce the results obtained from the lab and relate those to a specific production order.

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